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Our Services - Mystery Visiting & Shopping

Our company performs mystery shopping research for many and varied sectors, such as:

  • Financial services (Banks, Insurance companies)
  • Retail companies (Furniture stores, Telephony stores, Toy stores)
  • Restaurants and fast food chains

During a mystery shopping research, we employ specially trained investigators, who behave like customers, and who evaluate: the service and effectiveness of employees (anonymously), the company operations, the adherence to operating principles, the store setup and finally the quality of the offered products and services.

The method relates directly to the evaluation of service levels and customer satisfaction. Service levels and customer satisfaction are fundamental factors for differentiating between companies competing in the same sector, and greatly contribute to customer retention and loyalty, as well as to the improvement of the services and/or products offered.

Mystery Shopper Training

The practice we follow is to initially offer a general overview of the specifications of mystery shopping and of the particular research program.

During this overview session we aim to build a team of mystery shoppers and inspectors who are recruited for the whole duration of the study.

We try to persuade them to adopt the issue as their own and behave like true customers of the specific market.

Each mystery shopper and inspector then follows a two step training procedure:

Presentation of the study: general and specific instructions, explanation of each scenario and its demands, explanation of the evaluation procedure and of the completion of the survey.

Simulation: performance of each scenario, real visit simulation, practical training.


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The Application

The ApplicationWe offer structured research that focuses on our client's needs.

For us that means:

Current Survey

Current SurveyThe HRH constantly conducts new surveys and you are invited to participate, if you too want to join and participate......


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