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During our 20 years of operation, the sophisticated needs of our clients coupled with the technological and methodological developments in our industry, led our management to invest heavily in relevant technologies. This resulted at establishing our company as one of the few Market Research entities in Greece that can fulfill sophisticated research projects in house.

Some of the applications we use at HELLENIC RESEARCH HOUSE :
  • QPS (Questionnaire Processing System).
  • Integrated system for MARKETING research allows for the aggregation and analysis of data collected from quantitative research. (Licensee of GLOBAL MARKET INSITE MR System)

We operate a 22 position automated telephone research unit (CATI), that allows for listening-in of the interviewer and monitoring of his screen.

All the results can be delivered electronically to the client. Our clients have the option of a secure internet access to a portal containing all the research projects they may have underway.


We offer structured research that focuses on our client's needs.
For us that means:
  • Ability to synthesize results on the same subject from various research methodologies (qualitative, quantitative, desk research).
  • Combination of all methods and techniques of market and opinion research, with justification of the chosen approach for each research target.
  • Coordination of our services to our client's needs.
For our clients that means:
  • High usability of the research data.
  • Reliable information.
  • Maximum return for the research investment.
  • Results that enhance the strategic decision process.


Ultimate Browsers SupportHRH participated in the event "Research Reveals" that took place at the Museum of Cycladic Art on Sept. 15th

The Application

The ApplicationWe offer structured research that focuses on our client's needs.

For us that means:

Current Survey

Current SurveyThe HRH constantly conducts new surveys and you are invited to participate, if you too want to join and participate......


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