Reliable information leads to minimized risk in business decisions
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About us - Our Philosophy

The Hellenic Research House was established and developed through the passion and devotion of its founders to "market research", and their vision to transform their knowledge and experience into a valuable tool for tracing the needs of the market.

This philosophy shaped our strategy and methodology from the beginning, and was absorbed subsequently by our employees.

We always maintain the quality of data acquisition and its reliable processing and analysis, in order to effectively utilize the available information.

We constantly follow the international developments in the economic, social, technological and scientific fields and maintain our methods and technology accordingly, aiming to always improve the services we offer.

The basic axes that determine our philosophy are based on:
  • The interactive communication of our experienced staff with our clients, thus sensing their specialized and unique needs.
  • The transformation of the concerns of our clients into research goals, thus providing reliable information, able to minimize risks in decision-making.
  • The execution of research programs, when necessary, thus leading to effective strategic planning of products and services.
  • The optimization of cost benefit, thus providing reliable information respecting our clients available budgets.
  • The transparency, the confidentiality, the speed and the flexibility throughout the duration of the research process.
  • The quality and effectiveness assurance of the research data.
  • The constant feedback, concerning the work in progress and the partial findings, to our clients.


Ultimate Browsers SupportHRH participated in the event "Research Reveals" that took place at the Museum of Cycladic Art on Sept. 15th

The Application

The ApplicationWe offer structured research that focuses on our client's needs.

For us that means:

Current Survey

Current SurveyThe HRH constantly conducts new surveys and you are invited to participate, if you too want to join and participate......


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